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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whitsunday Coast

Beach again!

This time at Airlie Beach, the point where all the sailing boats go to Whitsunday Islands and some national parks.

I have couple of days before going with the Habibi (the sailing boat that I booked in Noosa), so I swim in the swimming pools with sea water next to the beach (Jelly fish in the beach) and I do some walks through the nationals parks ( like this one at Conway National Park )

Map Conway National and Conservation Park

There is things that you cannot do anything... one of this things is the weather. Yes, my sailing boat experience has been without the sunny I was expecting, But has been a really good experience anyway!

I’ve been two days and two nights at Habibi sailing boat with 20 people more... and I meet my first Spanish couple in Australia, Rafa and Raquel (Sevilla and Madrid)...

I did a walk in Whiteheaven Beach and the forest next to the beach, I swim with a wetsuit because the jelly fish, and I snorkel in a very nice spots. The photos under water are from a French girl, my buddy underwater...

Good live in a sailing boat trough islands without any human building...

And... we go back to Airlie Beach, shower and wait for the evening bus to Townsville.

Some Photos (or at fotos.elviatgedelsergi.com)

Versió catalana

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