A travel blog of a journey that I started in 2010 and I don't know when it will end ...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Central Australia

I arrive at Alice Springs from the sky, after almost three hours of dry and lonely landscape.

When I got out from the plane I have a temperature chock 37 degrees with heavy sun.

Alice Spring is the most important city in the center of Australia... 4 streets, supermarkets, banks and bars.
I walk around and I see the sunset from Anzac Hill.

4:40AM my alarm ring. They pick me up to go to the 6 days “road-safari” to Adelaide.
Long long roads... not real.

The first thing we do is a walk thought the Kings Canyon and see how amazing is the panoramic views.

And we arrive at the camping site just to see the sunset with Uluru next to us. Dinner, fireworks at the ground and sleep!!!

As the day before at 3:50AM my alarm rings! There is no mistake... 3:50AM!!!! If you want to see the sunset at Uluru, you have to wake up very early! What I can tell you... it worth.

Then we walk around Urulu.

All central Australia is the first time in 30 years that all the landscape is green! The rains along the lasts months has the explanation of that.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Young Backpackers city with a lot of night live. This is what I found when I got here...

I came to Cairns to dive, snorkel and find the way to go to Alice Springs.
The day after I arrive, I’m going with a boat and 80 more people to see two spots at the Great Barrier Reef. People that we came to dive, we’re 6.

The two dives I do are so different... The first one till 14m and great scenario and no so many fish. The second one is much more attractive to me with a lot more live and some caves... so exciting!

At the afternoon is time for another location, and this time snorkeling! Less than 2 meters from the reef is spectacular, the colors, the shapes and the fish. One of my best snorkels!

Next day I do Sunday day because is Sunday! I walk along the coast, I watch two films and I eat an Ice-cream.
There is full Moon.

Since I arrive at Cairns, I have been looking around the backpackers and internet people that want to go to Alice Springs to share the ride... The people I found are going in the other direction.

I look for other options... and I take the most attractive, fly. The bus is 38 hours with 4 changes of bus and almost the same price of the flight. Expensive like everything in Australia.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

North Coast

The bus arrives at Townsville at 2:00 AM. I do night at the ferry terminal to Magnetic Island with a girl that has the same situation, no accommodation at 2 AM.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to visit Townsville, so I do another night, that time sleeping in a backpacker. The city is small, with few old buildings with more than 100 years (here is hard to see that!), a very long beach and the Castle Hill, with no Castle on it...

At Airlie Beach I signup at Wwoof Australia. Now I have a book with a lot of contacts of people who needs people doing VOLUNTARY work in exchange for learning something about Organic Growing and about the country you are visiting with accommodation and food.

My first experience of Wwoofing will be at Magnetic Island, at Libby’s place.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whitsunday Coast

Beach again!

This time at Airlie Beach, the point where all the sailing boats go to Whitsunday Islands and some national parks.

I have couple of days before going with the Habibi (the sailing boat that I booked in Noosa), so I swim in the swimming pools with sea water next to the beach (Jelly fish in the beach) and I do some walks through the nationals parks ( like this one at Conway National Park )

Map Conway National and Conservation Park

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Capricorn Coast

From Rainbow Beach to Agnes Water in some hours... I stay in a very charming Backpacker’s ... bungalows, swimming pool, dvd room, equipped kitchen, etc... Movie and bed.

In the morning I do another surfing course, the waves are good to practice how to go up to the surface.

At the afternoon I take one of the free bicycles from the Backpacker’s and I go to Seventeen seventy, place where Capitan Hook did his second stop over Australia in 1770... Reading and music next to the beach and dinner before I take the bus to Rockhampton.

I arrive there at 12 midnight and Scott (Australia, Couchsurfing) pick me up.