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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gold Coast

I am in Australia!!!

I arrive early morning... Coffee and looking for a local bus to Burleigh Heads where I have to meet with Hinu (New Zealand) from Couchsurfing. I arrive when her kids are going to the school that they have just 500m away from home. Hinu offers to show me the National Park Burleigh Heads after my shower. She offers me to stay in her daughter’s room, she is in a camps for few days, single room!

Coffee “take away” at the beach of Burleigh with views of Surfers Paradise... a touristic zone with high buildings, shops, restaurants, night clubs and surfers.
The National Park is spectacular if we have a look all the buildings are close to (But they always try to preserve the dunes and characteristics places). I had a meat pie for lunch... nice!

At the afternoon I rest at Hinu’s place, and at night we went to have a look at the surfers Paradise, where we have dinner.

Next day, early morning we went to pick up Anja(Austria) at the train station... another Couchsurfer! And after she left the bag at the Hinu’s Place, we went to visit the Tweed Coast, a forest and beaches that seems to be somewhere very apart from everything but there are just next to nice houses... After that, we went to visit Springbrooks National Park, Rain Forest with a lovely river.

At the evening we went for a BBQ at the beach with the Couchsurfer group of the area...
Early morning me and Anja we take the bicycles and went to Surfers Paradise to do a course of surf. Hey!!! In one hour I was stand on the table!

Bicycle back enjoying the coast... doing stops to refresh ourselves at the authorized areas between red and yellow flags. I also was observing all the families doing BBQ at all the free equipped areas along the coast they have.

At the afternoon Hinu takes us to Brisbane to see a Hip-hop battle dance show at one park of the city. Is so fun! But in the middle of the battle we decide to go to have a look at the city by night.

On Sunday we went to a National Park named Tamborine National Park.
We visit Tamborine vilatge, and we walk the Witches Chase Track, another lovely rain forest!

At the evening we went to the beach where there were doing percussionists and equilibrist shows.

Next morning, I leave Burleight Heads... I would love to stay longer... but I have to keep going. I say goodbye and thanks to Hinu and her kids, and bus to the north.

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