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Sunday, May 2, 2010


It has no reverse ... I'm in Singapore!
Now making time to sleep a little later (are 20.30).

The 12 hour flight went pretty well and I was lucky because I could stretch my legs in my seat! There has also been a casual happening of the passenger side was Catalan! He saw my book in Catalan ("What I'm talking when I'm talking of running" by Haruki Murakami *****)
He live for years with family in Sydney and made a stopover in Singapore. Let's see if we return to Australian soil to see!

The summary of Singapore is an ex-colonial English city that is growing vertically and like most Asian cities, has a Chinatown, a Little India, etc. .. Apart from Zoo, amusement park Port Aventura in it ...

Today after breakfast to check in the hostel's Little India neighborhood, I walked around the center to China Town where I have lunch next to a Buddhist temple.

I didn't not know where to put myself to skip the sun! even all buildings have porches!

Well, here I leave some photos


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